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3 reasons the Red Sox seem so boring in 2017

June 17th, 2017 at 12:55 PM
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2. Boston sports fans have forgotten how the other half â?? heck, the other 99 percent â?? lives.

3. David Ortiz is gone, a baseball ghost who cannot be forgotten in his old haunt.

We can agree on the long-games thing, right? Through April, games were back up over 3 hours and 5 minutes each, after averaging 3:02 last year. That’s remarkable since Clay Buchholz, who pitched with a pace that would make a snail impatient, only made two appearances this year.

Red Sox games seem especially long, no small reason being that Christian Vazquez seems intent on smashing Carlton Fisk’s unofficial single-season record for mound visits, which I believe to be roughly 1,620 set back in 1977. Speed it up, fellas. We’re trying to stay awake over here, and you’ve become the sports equivalent of Tylenol PM.

I recognize that my second reason may rub some of you the wrong way. Too bad, because it’s true. I’m not saying you’re spoiled necessarily. But I will say the success of Boston sports teams since Mo Lewis took out Drew Bledsoe and delivered Tom Brady into our orbit has led to a standard that is sometimes, shall we say, obnoxiously demanding, meaning that we sometimes don’t enjoy good things because we deem them not quite good enough.

There is satisfying fun to be found in certain seasons that aren’t punctuated with a parade, and if you followed to …

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